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Newtonne Lifting Services Ltd are a member of LEEA Lifting Equipment Engineers Association

LIFTING EQUIPMENT ENGINEERS ASSOCIATIONNewtonne Lifting Engineers Ltd are a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association

In 2005, New-tonne Lifting Engineers Ltd became members of the LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association). Below is a some information regarding the association and if more details are required then please feel free to visit teir website using the link at the bottom of the page.

The Association was formed in 1944 in London but soon after expanded to become the Chain Testers' Association of Great Britain. The present name was adopted in 1988 as a more accurate reflection of the current activities of the members. Large users of lifting equipment have associate status and there are also overseas associates.

Essentially a technically orientated association, it aims to provide members with a source of technical information and a means of authoritative representation. Its objectives are:

1. To establish and maintain the Association as the reputable and recognised body in the field of lifting equipment.

2. To promote the Association of those specialists engaged in any or all of the following related to lifting equipment: design, manufacture, test, examination, verification, inspection, supply, service, repair, hire and training of personnel; with the object of ensuring, so far as is practicable, that lifting equipment conforms to the standard of safety required by all relevant legislation.

3. To promote the development of efficient methods and processes in the industry and the adoption of good standards and safety in the design, manufacture and use of all lifting equipment.

4. To provide authoritative representation of the Association at standards institutions, with government departments, public bodies, professional and technical institutions and similar bodies.

5. To provide for common action in administrative, professional, research, legal and commercial matters such as insurance schemes, standardised forms of contract and the like.

6. To provide, within the resources of the Association, advice to members on the implementation of statutory requirements and on technical matters.

7. To provide schemes for training and qualifying members' personnel and conducting technical audits of members.

8. To publish information relevant to the lifting equipment industry.

It should be recognised that the Lifting Engineers has a wide range of organisations amongst its members. Between them they are daily involved in the design, manufacture, hire, repair, refurbishment, maintenance and use of lifting and load bearing equipment.

All members are required to conform to documented technical requirements which set stringent standards for equipment, personnel, procedures and records. Applicants for membership are subjected to technical audit and must conform with the requirements before being accepted into full membership. There is a continuing programme of periodic audits of members' facilities.

Besides setting high standards of quality in lifting equipment and its servicing, the Association is also keen to ensure safety in use. Thus, close liaison with the Health and Safety Executive and other safety organisations is evident in the activities of the Association. The 'Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment', published by the Lifting Engineers, has been sold worldwide and is the most up to date and authoritative source of information and advice available anywhere. Copies may be purchased through members or direct from the Association.

Throughout its existence, the Association has been deeply involved in the preparation and implementation of British, International and European Standards through membership of the British Standards Institution committees and similar bodies. It is also active in the legislative field.

Through the medium of the Lifting Engineers Technical Committee meetings each member has the opportunity of expressing his views and seeking advice. The knowledge and experience gained by each of the members is therefore brought together for the benefit of all.

Training and qualifications
UK legislation has long required lifting equipment to be tested and examined before first use and examined periodically throughout its life by a competent person and there are similar requirements in the new generation of legislation based on European Directives. In the absence of an official licensing system the Association developed its own examination qualifications for the Tester and Examiner and these have run for over 45 years. There is also a Registration Scheme for qualified personnel.

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association provides training courses for member personnel in general lifting gear, manual and power operated lifting machines, runways and light crane structures, and covers all aspects from evaluating design, through manufacture, assembly, testing, examination and certification. The courses also include considerations of safety in use and legal requirements. Successful entrants in the Association's specialist examinations qualify for a diploma.

The Registration Scheme is a more broadly based scheme for Testers and Examiners which is designed to provide an overall view of competence. As such, account is taken of their qualifications in national public examinations, recognised apprenticeships and other training and experience in the trade, as well as diplomas awarded by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association.

Registered persons are entitled to carry an Association Registration Card which identifies them and states the subjects in which they are registered.

Technical support for members
Full time staff and an elected Technical Committee supported by a reference library of standards and other material plus contacts with other organisations enable the Association to give considerable support to its members in dealing with both day to day problems and more fundamental questions.

Benefits of membership
The benefits of the Lifting Engineers are not therefore confined to its members only. When dealing with member companies the user can be confident that he is dealing with organisations that are capable and have adequate facilities for the work they undertake and that the personnel concerned are qualified to do their jobs.

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