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RWM hoists

RWM Hoists DownloadRWM can be summarised as a constantly evolving company that has been designing and producing its own electric chain hoists and associated products for over 30 years, with forward thinking, innovation, the application of the latest technology along with modern manufacturing facilities, it has seen its market share grow over the years to become one of the world leaders in the manufacture of electric chain hoists.

At RWM the search for quality and innovation always continues, with major investments in research and development, new modern production equipment and new manufacturing facilities. This in turn represents the manufacture of highest quality hoists.

RWM are currently operating from two centres, one which is the research and development centre and the other a modern manufacturing facility where the manufacture of the hoists takes place by highly trained and skilled personnel.

RWM Hoists

RWM represents a tangible evolving process that has been developing electric chain hoists for over 30 years and which has seen its experience and capability of innovation create over 60,000 units. It has serviced an array of sectors throughout the world and is considered a thriving force and world leader in the production of electric chain hoists. The RWM chain hoist line can be distinguished by its innovative design, its superior quality and high standard of safety at a competitive cost. Three key factors that dictate and have become necessary in current markets. RWM has been able to gather it’s own resources and market studies to distinguish the ever changing market needs, which in turn has brought about the creation of a vast line of products.

For RWM, the search for quality and the latest innovative production methods, is what we thrive for. We always look to modernize our production equipment and use the finest tools in production equipment which in turn create a higher quality hoist.

RWM currently operates in two facilites. One which focuses on research and development and the other where the assembly gets carried out by a joint effort between sophistacated machinery and highly trained and skilled personel.

The reliability of RWM as manufacturer of electric chain hoists is confirmed by the CE and CSA marks. Every hoist is proof load tested before being delivered to the customer.

RWM HoistsRWM hoist are constructed in full compliance with thefollowing standards:

  • Machinery Directive 98/37/CE
  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) EEC/73/23
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (ECD)
  • EEC/89/336–EEC/92/31
  • CSA (CLASS 9041 01 - Cranes and Hoists)

RWM hoists are distributed with the following documents:

  • Certificate of Conformity (enclosure IIA)
  • Manufactures statement (enclosure IIB)
  • Certificates for the electromagnetic compatibility, load chain
    and hook
  • Installation and Maintenance manual
  • 2 year warranty from date of delivery

RWM has through experience and research evolved its range of electric chain hoists to match the needs of today’s customer requirements. Available in the following. The W series hoist, with capacities from 125 kg through to 2,000 kg, available with eye suspension, close coupled push, geared and power travel trolleys to give maximum headroom.

The new innovative WR series hoist, with capacities from 1000 kg through to 5,000 kg available with eye suspension, close coupled
push, geared and power travel trolleys designed to give exceptional low headroom. Both W & WR series hoists are available with a comprehensive range of single and dual speeds. Also available built as an ultra low headroom hoist for applications with restrictive height. With the numerous combinations of hoists and available voltages RWM can offer a solution to any of your material handling requirements.

RWM HoistsRWM W Series Chain Hoists

The W-series range of electric chain hoists can be distinguished by the following; its extremely compact size giving the best possible closed headroom, its exceptional quality and its high levels of reliability. All are achieved by having the highest quality manufacturing standards, continuous improvements and quality control. All mechanical parts are examined under stringent conditions and rigorously tested, including long term performance testing to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and extended product life.

Lifting motor
The cylindrical parallel rotor is produced with single windings for single speed hoists or dual windings for dual speed hoists and all have class F insulation.

Manufacture in accordance with FEM class 2m, the duty cycle for single speed hoists is 40% and 10 + 30% for dual speed hoists.

The supply voltage for these motors can be specified when ordering and they are available in a wide range of voltages, phases and hertz, thus making the RWM chain hoists again very versatile and capable of working in any environment.

The braking system of the chain hoist uses a 230V spring-activated electro magnetic brake which allows for quick and safe stopping allowing the load to be held at any desired height or position.

The chain hoist has an IP54 protection which protects it against dust, limited ingress and against low pressure jets of water from all directions, limited ingress, for standard indoor use.

Reduction gears
Found in the gear box’s are epicycloid, totally enclosed and lubricated with a permanent high performance grease. The gears are manufactured from high tensile steel and are hardened and heat treated for smooth operation and maximum life span. In addition, due to its sealed lubrication, the chain hoist can operate within a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

RWM HoistsOverload by clutch
The slipping clutch is a safety device which limits both the up and down stroke of the chain hoist, by limiting a possible overload. It is constructed from asbestos free braking plates held under pressure by cup springs and is adjustable. Note: this is only a safety feature and should not be used as a working limit.
The clutch is setting at 15% respect the nominal capacity of hoist.

Electrical control panel
The panel is fully hard wired with all components mounted on a steel backing plate. The panel includes high quality contactor switches, a transformer for low voltage (24V) controls, brake rectifier, fuses and connector terminals.

Thanks to these high quality components, up to 240 operations per hour can be carried out. The electrical control panel is mounted in an IP65 plastic enclosure and follows the CEI-EN 60204 norms. In addition, the panel are fully compatible and interchangeable with a full range of hoist models.

Guide chain
The hoists central body and patented chain guide are machined from one single casting, this allows precise possitioning of the load chain into the load sprocket.



RWM HoistsWR Series Electric Chain Hoists

WR series hoists are designed to lift loads from 1000 kg to 5000kg in a production environment with a high duty cycle and proven reliability. The hoist body is completely manufactured completely from aluminium and steel with no plastic components. With the new design RWM have produced a hoist with the minimum low headroom and at the same time safe and reliable with particular attention to the selection and test of materials used.

Electric motor
The three phase motor is produced with single or double windings for single or dual speeds. The insulation is class F for both motors.

Manufactured to FEM standard 2m, the WR hoists have a duty of 55% on single speed hoists and 15+40% on dual speed hoists.
Standard operating voltage’s 230/400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz, other voltages available on request.

Hoist motor protected to IP 55 against ingress of dust and water, upgradeable to IP 65 upon request. The hoists 3000/4000/5000 have a standard fan assisted motor for better cooling and increased duty cycles.

Reduction gear
The reduction gears are designed in such a way that the speed of the hoist can be changed simply by increasing or decreasing
the number of components in the gearbox.

The gears are manufactured from high tensile steel and are hardened and heat treated to give maximum life. With the correct
choice of oil the hoist can work within the following temperature range, -20°C to +60°C. The Hoist brake is a 400 V AC electro magnetic brake type. The advantages of this 400v three phase brake are, high braking power, very strong structure and no transformer, the brake is manufactured from aluminium die-casting for good heat dissipation, the brake coil is fully encased in epoxy resin. The brake disk is manufactured from asbestos free material.

RWM WR series hoists are supplied with upper and lower electric limit switches to prevent hook over travel and prevent the use the clutch as an ultimate limit and extending the life of the clutch and gearbox. They are manufactured with two micro switches that operate on the auxiliary circuit of the hoist contactors cutting out operating contactor in the direction of lift.

The hoists are also equipped with a slipping clutch that is set to 120% of the working load limit to prevent accidental overloading. All hoists are manufactured to CEI EN60204 governing the safety of electrical equipment with low voltage controls 24v, via a transformer mounted in a steel enclosure within the hoist body. Due to the high quality of electrical contactors used and the 400 vac brake RWM guarantee the WR series hoists for more than 240 operations per hour.

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